CL-266 16 Channel Summing Mixer

€ 4,800

CL-266 is a 16-channel summing mixer designed to comply with the new demands stemming from digital recording technology. When used as a summing mixer, the CL-266 offer a series of distinctive features not available in any other comparable device on the market. The signal level is controlled by a 300° potentiometer allowing a 14dB range (-12dB to +2dB) that permits a very easy level set up. It allows an easy and precise level recall even without the need for stepped level controls which are more popular but less functional.

Each channel can be accessed by two different input connectors (DB25 and XLR) allowing hassle-free connections to professional DAW via a standard 8 channel multicore cable (DB25 to DB25) as well as single-channel external device insertion via an XLR cable.

Following the summing stage is an insert point for connecting external units such as equalizers and compressors that can be bypassed with a front panel button. This insert connection, electronically balanced for both send and return, can be accessed either from the DB25 and XLR rear connectors or via front panel jacks. This feature is particularly useful when a main external unit (connected via the rear panel) needs to be momentarily replaced by another device quickly.

The use of the send/return front panel jacks automatically disables the corresponding rear panel connected device. The send signal on the front panel jacks is always present allowing the set-up of the levels for the outboard connected by the front panel jacks. The connection of the return cable will exclude the main outboard connected to the DB25 connector on the back panel. Therefore a unit can be connected to the front panel jacks maintaining the main insert on the back panel.

Master levels are set with two separate (Left and Right) -/+6dB potentiometers. Due to the fact that Solo and Master levels can be significantly different, the monitoring section has two separate and independent controls: a main master level control and a secondary solo level control (a led indicates that solo is activated). The solo mode remains active even when the channel is muted. (the signal is taken after the pan control, allowing an exact stereo image positioning).

Used in conjunction with mic preamplifiers, the CL-266 is the ideal mixer for engineers working in studios not equipped with a classic analog console who do not want to use digital mixers. For this reason, a different CL-266 version characterized by a level control range of -20dB/+6dB is also available.

Number of Channels: 16
Power Supply Linear Regulator (Balanced C-Core Transformer)
Operating Voltage 220V 50 Hz, (110V 60 Hz version available)
Power Consumption 30 W
Input Electronically balanced, Impedance > 10 KΩ
Channel Gain -12 dB range with a continuous potentiometer control (+6dB to -20dB version avaiable).
Master Output Electronically balanced,
Output Impedance 50Ω. (minimum external load 600Ω).
Master Level Level +4dBu, Max +28dBu.
Bandwidth 5 - 200.000 Hz -1dB, perfect square wave up to 20 KHz
Distortion + Noise <0.005% ( typical 0.001 %).
Front Panel Input Section Controls Gain range from -12dB to +2dB,
Pan Pot,
2 buttons for Mute and Solo.
Front Panel Master & Monitor Section Controls 2 Level Pots range -6dB to +6 dB (Master L, Master R),
2 Buttons (Insert L, Insert R),
Monitor Level Pot,
Solo Level Pot,
2 buttons (Mute L, Mute R),
Mono button.
Front Panel Indicators Input Section (each channel): yellow LED (Solo),
red LED (Mute),
Master Section: 2 green LEDs (Insert L, Insert R),
3 red LEDs (Mute L, Mute R, Mono),
Yellow LED (Solo).
Front Panel Connectors 4 x 1/4” TRS jacks for Inserts (send L-R, return L-R),
1 x 1/4” stereo TRS jack for headphones,
Minimum Headphone impedance 600Ω.
Rear Panel Input Connectors 16 x Balanced XLR female (Ch1 to Ch16),
2 x DB25 female (Ch1 to Ch16).
Rear Panel Output Connectors 4 x Balanced XLR male (MAIN, MONITOR),
1/4” TRS jack stereo VU meter connection.
Rear Panel Insert Connectors 2 x Balanced XLR female: Send L, Send R,
2 x Balanced XLR male: Return L, Return R.
Rear Panel Master Connectors DB25 female (Main L/R, Monitor L/R, Send L/R, Return L/R).
Rear Panel AC mains IEC C13 16 A connector, AC mains cord with IEC Schuko 16A.
Rear Panel Main Switch Power On/Off switch.
Construction 19" rack mount metal box
Dimensions W 483 mm / 19”, H 133.5 mm/5.25” (3 RU), D 225 mm / 8.86”.
Weight 7 kg.

    CL-266 Key-Technologies


    The summing busses in the ARREL Audio units are implemented by using active fully balanced summing busses for maximum audio performances and noise rejection.

    Large Bandwidth (LB) means a very fast transient response able to represent the original sound with the maximum temporal resolution. LB is required to improve the perception of a “real sound” and to represent the details of the original sound.

    Large bandwidth plus very low total harmonic distortion means a perfect square wave reproduction.

    Ultra Low Noise (ULN) active and passive components and ULN design techniques. This requirement is especially important when the audio bandwidth is large as in the case of ARREL Audio products.

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) means that the saturation probability of the output stages is very low. This is obtained by using special rail to rail circuits and by increasing the power supply voltage of the analog circuits.

    Electromechanical tolerance means that electromechanical components are doubled in every situation in which maximum reliability it is important due to a frequent use (switches, push buttons, potentiometers).

    Through Hole technology means the maximum reliability in terms of thermal and mechanical stresses especially for connectors and electromechanical components.