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Important news from Russ Miller.

Russ Miller currently used the ARREL Audio CL-123 Channel strips and the four channel mic preamplifier on the theme to the hit FX channel T.V. Series "Tyrant", the new movie "Ride" starring Helen Hunt and the Russ Miller & Pete Lockett duo album "Rhythm-Sphere" featuring an amazing cast of All-Star Indian musicians including Veena master, Rajhesh Vaidhya. He also tracked the entire rhythm section, including his Mapex drums through Arrel mic pres for the new Arrival Trio record "Chegada3" due out on September 16th with pre-order release on the I-Tunes store on September 9th.

Brad Haehnel quote about the ARREL Audio CL-123 Channel Strip.

"I found the ARREL Audio CL-123 channel strip to be very open with an incredibly musical EQ. The various bandwidth switches are very useful. On guitars especially good as I could get a lot of gain with unnoticeable additional noise".

Brad Haehnel is now ARREL Audio endorser.

We are very proud to announce that world renown Sound Engineer, Producer Brad Haehnel loves our products!
After an extensive test of our units in different productions we are proud to add the name of Brad to the list of ARREL-Audio endorsers.

Matt Bissonette video presentation of ARREL Audio R-601 bass/guitar splitter .

  • » Matt Bissonette talks about his experience with R-601
  • 19/06/2014
    Test of the ARREL Audio CL-124/4 Quad Mic/line Preamp and CL-123 Channel Strip on AUDIO CENTRAL MAGAZINE.

    Many thanks to Enrico Cosimi and Emiliano Girolami and all the people of this incredible staff and magazine !
    Test of the ARREL Audio CL-124/4 Quad Mic/line Preamp and CL-123 Channel Strip On AUDIO CENTRAL MAGAZINE

    Drum Recording Survival Camp.

    ARREL AUDIO is proud to endorse the Drum Recording Survival Camp at Hemiola Studios in Rome. Many thanks to Lucrezio De Seta drummer, producer, composer and to Marco Lecci Sound Engineer/Producer. Many thanks to Lucrezio and Marco for the wonderful experience.
    Drum Recording Survival Camp, Rome, Hemiola Studios.

    ARREL Audio presentation on the most famous Italian magazine on drums and percussions DRUMSET MAG.

    Many thanks to Alfredo Romeo and all the people of this incredible staff and magazine !
    ARREL Audio presentation on DRUMSET MAG

    Matt Bissonette quote about the ARREL Audio R-601 Guitar Bass Splitter

    "The ARREL Audio R-601 has been an answer to prayer for me. Usually when tracking guitars in my studio I constantly need to keep going back out in the room and readjust microphones and dial up sounds. The R-601 allows me to sit in the control room and with the cool remote control button I can just press the button and it brings up the amp I want to use. I can combine cabinets and record three at once if I want,I never have had that luxury before. And for bass it helps me to use distortion pedals and exterior amps in addition to my usual setup. Very cool idea!"

    Matt Bissonette quote about the ARREL Audio EL-111 Dual Mic-Line preamp

    "I love the ARREL Audio EL-111. I have used it on my bass amps and they provide a true replication of the sound. I have also used it for percussion instruments,acoustic guitars and vocals. I love it because I'm not a brainiac gear head and I need simplicity. I can hit the EL-111 really hard,actually the harder the better,and the peak light lets me know when I've gone too crazy. It's really simple and impossible to mess up."

    Matt Bissonette is now ARREL Audio endorser.

    We are very proud to announce that world renown bassist Matt Bissonette loves our products!
    In studio with Maurizio Metalli they used the preamp EL-111 and the new Bass/Guitar Splitter R-601.
    Matt was particularly impressed by the remote capabilities of the R-601. That allowed him to work without having to go back and forth from the control room to the live room to switch the bass amps. He simply loved it!
    Matt is an outstanding bass player, he has played in numerous popular rock bands, alongside legends such as David Lee Roth (1987–92, recording the US platinum album "A Little Ain't Enough"), Ringo Starr (2003–05), and currently Elton John (2012–present).
    In his music career Matt has recorded on dozens of albums, ranging from rock, jazz, fusion, progressive metal, etc. Legendary are the rhythm sections with his drummer brother Gregg.
    Thanks Matt for being part of the Arrel-Audio family!

    Luis Conte and the ARREL Audio CL-125/4

    "I have in a couple of days recorded with Bette Midler, Jazz Pianist Greg Karukas and independent artist Jim Wagy, 3 separated cds and the CL-125/4 did the job !"

    Luis Conte quote about the ARREL Audio CL-125/4

    "I just got the ARREL Audio CL-125/4 and I love it. This unit makes my drums sound like I hear them in the room, they just come alive!
    The transients are clear and with great definition, and it also has excellent headroom.
    I can hear and feel the touch of my hands on my hand drums, they just jump right at you. What else can I say... I just love this unit! "

    Luis Conte is now ARREL Audio endorser.

    After a very interesting and extensive test of our units in the Luis Conte studio we are proud to add the name of Luis to the list of ARREL -Audio endorsers.
    Luis Conte's genius stems from his ability to integrate the powerful rhythms of his native Cuba with the American necessities of American pop music.
    His long and varied career has included numerous Hollywood film scores and mega-successful albums with Madonna, Ray Charles, Phil Collins, Santana, Shakira, Jackson Browne, Sergio Mendes, Cachao, and a multitude of other artists too numerous to mention.
    Luis is one of the most respected and recorded percussionists in the world.
    Luis is the "Steve Gadd" of percussion as Russ Miller said.
    Luis has been recognized as " Percussionist of the Year " - Modern Drummer Reader's Poll (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), " Percussionist of the Year " - Drum Magazine (2007, 2008, 2009), " Studio Percussionist of the Year " - Drum Magazine (2007, 2008, 2009).
    Thanks Luis to be part our family !

    Russ Miller video presentation of ARREL Audio "Instruments".

  • » Russ Miller talks about his experience with ARREL Audio equipments
  • 14/03/2014
    Russ Miller and ARREL Audio meeting in Frankfurt at Musik Messe 2014.

    Livio Argentini and Marco Re together at Musik Messe for a very interesting meeting with Russ Miller.
    "With Russ we've discussed a lot of new ideas that are becoming new products. We've talked about new optimized architectures for compressors and preamplifiers.
    Russ is a great musician and a clever engineer...we are developing very interesting units ...stay tuned !."
    "It was also a great pleasure to discuss with MAPEX Manager for the International Artist Relations Otto Choi. We share common interests for high end drums and for high end systems to mic the drums...this is the first step for a future collaboration."
    Thanks to Russ and Otto for the fruitful meetings !

    Russ Miller session drummer for the new science-fiction-thriller film “Transcendence” soundtrack.

    Russ Miller session drummer for the new science-fiction-thriller movie “Transcendence” soundtrack along with sound engineer Brad Haehnel (Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton, etc…..). Starring Johnny Depp, directed by Wally Pfister.
    The movie is set to be released on April 18 2014 in the USA. The pointer to the “Transcendence ” trailer is
    Trancendence Trailer
    The drums were recorded at Brad's studio (Noise Alchemy, Hollywood).
    Russ and Brad used our units and in particular the ARREL Audio EL-111 Dual Mic-line preamp for the overheads (Bock condenser microphones).
    Brad and Russ were particularly impressed by the definition, presence and the overall sonic quality of the ARREL Audio EL-111 preamplifier !
    Many thanks to Russ and Brad for using our preamplifiers !

    Pete Doell - Universal Mastering Studios, Los Angeles - ARREL Audio Endorser !

    Pete Doell: "The fabulous ARREL Audio ML-118 unleashes the creative power of Mid-Side processing in an extremely musical fashion. Whether enhanced stereo imaging is desired, or taming unruly elements in either the center OR the sides (but NOT both), this unit does a wonderful job in a way that most other units fail to accomplish so well."

    Maurizio Metalli - L.A. Music Sessions, Los Angeles - ARREL Audio Endorser !

    Maurizio Metalli: "Combining, extreme definition and warmth. Punch with sharp transients. ARREL Audio preamps also have lots of headroom, allowing to push sounds to the limit !"

    Russ Miller: "The ARREL Audio equipment has been a real "hit" here, everybody loves the sound of the drums. I used it on the movie "Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters" a big movie here in the USA and it is now on DVD/Blu-Ray. Also, they are used on the Scy-Fy Channel T.V. show "Continuum", also very popular here in the USA."

    Russ Miller: "The ARREL Audio CL-125/4 mic pre made my kit come alive! It was like hearing the drum kit in Hi-Definition ! They have great headroom, the transients are clear and precise and the low end was strong and pronounced. I don't want to hear the kit anymore, without them ! "

    Russ Miller ARREL Audio Endorser !